Our Services

Whether you are just starting your education journey, or just finishing, Education Encompassed can help you succeed.

Our Services

Education Planning

Regardless of where you are in your education journey, our Experts are available to help create and stick to a plan.

Financial Aid Guidance

Education can be expensive. Our Experts can help you develop strategies to optimize your chance at financial aid or scholarship.

Professional Review Services

Whether you are applying for school or for a job, our Experts can help you present the best version of yourself.

Education Planning

Whether you are navigating your first year of high school, or your first year of college, we have the Experts to guide you in your educational journey.

Financial Aid Support

Education can be expensive. With support of our Experts, we can help to optimize your chances for financial aid and scholarship.

Editing/Review Services

Whether it is for school, a scholarship, or a career, you will likely need to write an essay or resume. Our Expert Reviewers can help you present the best version of yourself.

Professional Support

Maybe you finished school and are applying for a job. Maybe you are a career professional seeking additional certification. Whatever your career professional needs are, we have Experts ready to help.

International Services

Education extends beyond national borders. Our Experts are prepared to help students around the world. For those looking to study in the U.S., we can help with the visa application process.

Learn From Home

Combine Services and Save

Education Encompassed realizes that not all students have the same needs. Combine services to for package options, or apply for our All Encompassed membership and have full access to all of our resources.

What To Expect

Regular Correspondence

Upon signing up, you can expect to hear from your Expert immediately

Performance Driven Results

Our Experts are here to help you, but you do the work. Following their guidance, you will have the satisfaction of earning success.

Expert Knowledge

The Experts at Education Encompassed are just that — Experts. They will provide the knowledge and skills to achieve your goals.

Peace of Mind

Navigating the education field can be intimidating. Our Experts are here to give you the confidence to succeed.

For Students

Our Experts are here for you. With their support, you will learn the skills to better navigate the education field and pursue your dream career.

For Families

If you are a parent, you have likely worried about your student’s education. Have peace of mind, knowing that our Experts will guide them toward a rewarding career, while helping to reduce the cost of education.

Career Professionals

Whether you are applying for your first job, or seeking, our Experts can provide the support you need to advance your career.

What Our Students Say

Education Encompassed is the future of education planning. Matthew D. Consultant

Your conscientious reviews and insightful comments and recommendations have helped many students produce significantly better essays than they would otherwise have submitted. Tom D. Instructor

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